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Type of Users

Learn the differences between Admins & Members within the Admin Dashboard, as well as Hosts, Presenters, and Attendees on the Virtual Stage.

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Admins and Members in the Admin Dashboard

  1. Admins: Admins have the highest level of access and control within They can manage account settings, billing information, and user roles. Admins have the authority to add or remove Members, as well as modify billing details.

  2. Members: Members are users who have been added to the organization's account by Admins. They have access to the Admin Dashboard but with limited privileges. Members can view and interact with the organization's data, create and edit event, and manage evergreen content.

Hosts, Presenters, and Attendees on the Virtual Stage

  1. Hosts: Hosts have full control over the event and its participants on the Virtual Stage. Hosts can go live, enable reactions and other interactive features, manage Presenters, and control the overall flow of the event. They can invite and remove Presenters from the stage, moderate the chat, and access advanced features.

  2. Presenters: Presenters join the Virtual Stage to deliver presentations, share their screens, and play videos. Presenters cannot move themselves on stage or unmute themselves while they are backstage.

  3. Attendees: Attendees join the Virtual Stage to view and interact with the content presented by Hosts and Presenters. They can engage with features like Live Reactions and the Chat+ module. Attendees can provide real-time feedback, ask questions, and actively participate in discussions through the chat functionality.

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