Sequel Event Registration FAQ

Have some rapid fire questions on how Event Registration works with Sequel? Check out this FAQ below to get some quick answers to some of the most common questions

Can I add a custom URL on the email confirmation and calendar invite for my event? Yes - and you must! Each registered user will receive a confirmation email with a button and unique link to join the event on your custom webpage.
What if a user is already registered, but tries to register again? The message "This email is already registered, please check your email." will appear. They'll also have the option to enter the join code from their confirmation email. 
What if the user clicks Join Event but still can't access the event?

The confirmation email also includes a unique Join Code users can use to join the event. 

What if a user cannot find their registration confirmation in their email?

Have the user simply fill out the registration fields (full name + email) with the same email they originally registered with! From there, they will receive the option to resend their registration confirmation. Learn more here.

Can I send follow up reminders to  people who have registered for an event? In addition to the confirmation email you can also turn on email reminders in the admin dashboard. This will send a 24 hour and 1 hour reminder email. 
I have a Presenter configured within the event details, though when they join the event, they do not receive the Presenter role. Why? When you configure a Presenter in your event details within your dashboard, you do so manually by email. It is important to assure they are registered and joining with the same email and that there are no spelling errors in what you configured for them. You can always promote them to Presenter from the People list to assure a quick fix!
Can I just send a Presenter a link to join? Yes! You can add your participants emails to the Participants tab in the Dashboard. Once added, your Participants will receive a notification email and will be able to visit the Virtual Stage with all of the appropriate permissions. 
I am trying to join the event, though it says I am already in the event. What does this mean? Each registered user has an associated user ID that can join the event one time i.e multiple people cannot join an event as the same registered user! This means your registered email is already within the event on a different device or browser.

I have registered for the event, though when I go to join it, it is prompting me to register again. How can I access the event?

In this case, you will need to locate the email confirmation or calendar invite from when you registered and enter using the Join button or unique link. If you are using the same device you registered with, you do not need to do this as your user information will be recognized within the event with your device cookies.
Can I provide a custom message within my email confirmation? Not quite yet - though you can customize your from field and subject line! Our goal is to provide as much control and creativity to our customers as possible and will continue to make iterations on registration to do so.

Does Sequel support paid registration?

Nope - at this time we do not offer paid registration or ticketing services. If interested how to host a paid event with Sequel, check out this article on additional registration options!
What if I need to change the date/time or URL of my event after people have already registered?

You can change the start time or URL of your event at any time and then resend confirmation emails to those that have already registered! This way they will have new confirmation emails with the updated event details. You can learn more here.

Have more questions that were not answered here? Feel free to chat us or shoot us an email at Check out this article to learn more about Event Registration!