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Adding custom questions to Registration
Adding custom questions to Registration

Collect more data about your audience by adding custom questions to your Registration form.

Updated over a week ago

By default, Registration collects each attendee first name, last name and email address. Custom questions allow you to gather even more information using our built-in registration form. You can add an unlimited number of questions, mark them as required or optional, and choose between Text Field, Dropdown and Checkbox question types.

Adding Custom Questions

  1. Log in to your Admin Dashboard and select the event you want to update

  2. Select the Registration tab

  3. Toggle on registration

  4. Under Custom Questions, select the Add Question button (see below) to add a single answer or long answer question to your registration form

    Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 10.17.46 PM

  5. From here, you can select Dropdown, Text Field or Checkbox questions:

    1. Dropdown

      Dropdown questions are great for filtering registrants into preset groups like Company Size or Geographic area.

      Simply type out your question (250-character limit) and add each answer option within its line. Registrants can choose from your list of options in the dropdown menu. You can also select Presets to add a list of countries or states as a dropdown question.

    2. Text Field

      Text Fields allow you to collect broader information like Company Name or LinkedIn URL. Enter your question in the question field and select "Add question".

    3. Checkbox

      Checkbox questions allow users to opt in or out to things. This is helpful for international audiences navigating GDPR or to gauge interest in different communication types.

  6. All question types can be marked as required if you would like to require your registrants to provide an answer to register for your event or webinar.

  7. Add as many questions as you'd like though 3-5 seems to be a sweet spot for keeping user interest.

That's it! You can then Preview your Event on the right to see the questions you have added. When adding custom questions, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • If you are adding questions after users have registered, you CANNOT retroactively collect answers from those users. This may result in inconsistent responses amongst your registrants.

  • Once a user answers a custom while registering your event, you CANNOT delete the question.

  • At this time, we only support long and single-answer questions in our registration field. Are you looking for another question type? Share your feedback with our team at!

  • To view the answers to your custom questions, select the Participants tab in your Admin Dashboard, and then Download CSV. The CSV will have all of your custom questions and answers submitted (see below).

Screenshot 2023-01-19 at 11.30.55 AM

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