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Can I disable my Host and Presenter emails?

Learn how to disable automated emails when adding your Hosts and Presenters to your event and take control of Host and Presenter management.

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Customers may want to disable the automated Host and Presenter emails when adding both to their session for two reasons:

  • To avoid sending out emails premature β€” customers may create and set-up their event months or weeks in advance of the scheduled live session, and in this case, they may not want emails to trigger letting their Presenters know they have been added to speak at the event.

  • To take control of communication β€” customers may find that their Hosts and Presenters need specific instructions and context for the live session, and this way the Event Admin can do all the talking!

Please read before disabling Host and/or Presenter: by disabling these emails, your Hosts and Presenters will not automatically receive a unique join link or join code to access the event with their role. The Event Admin will be responsible of notifying all Hosts and Presenters of the day and time of the event, and how to access the event. Learn more here.

To disable Host and/or Presenter emails, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Sequel Admin Dashboard and select the event you would like to disable Host and/or Presenter Emails

  2. Select the Emails tab

  3. Toggle OFF Host and/or Presenter invitation

  4. Communicate to your Hosts and Presenters of the event and how to access the event via join codes.

Each Host and Presenter will have a unique join code that will give them access to the backstage of the event. It is important to share each unique code to each Presenter and Host i.e do not share one code to ALL Presenters and Hosts.

To access Host and Presenters unique join codes:

  1. Within the event in your Sequel Admin Dashboard, navigate to the Participants tab

  2. Find each Host and Presenter via their email in the participants tab

  3. Select the elipsis to the right of each Host and Presenter, and Copy Join Code

  4. Share each unique join code to the specific Presenter and/or Host it is associated with

I have the join codes, now what?

On the day of the event, your Presenters and Hosts will go to the link where the Virtual Stage is embedded on (just like an attendee!) and select I already have a join code.

Then copy and paste your join code in the join code field and select Join session!

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