Guide 101: How to be a Presenter

Follow this simple guide to best prepare for your Presenter role on a Sequel Virtual Stage!

As a Presenter on a Virtual Stage powered by Sequel, there are important things to know in order to prepare and navigate in the role!

  • Join the event as a Presenter - Use the link in your email invitation from the Host to join the event. If you haven't received your invitation, reach out to your event host or check your spam folder.

  • Allow access to your microphone and camera - the first time that a Presenter enters the Sequel Virtual Stage or Networking Hub, a pop-up will appear requesting access to the microphone and camera of the device. Be sure that you allow access to both to assure that you do not run into any audio or video issues on the day of the event. If you run into any issues, please refer to this article for assistance.

    AV Access
  • Allow screen-sharing - since all of our live events are recorded, it is important to allow screen-recording on your Apple device to allow screen-sharing. Presenters can follow this step-by-step guide to make necessary changes in their permissions prior to the event.

  • Familiarize yourself with the Backstage (while live and not live) - as a Presenter, you have access to join the Backstage before and during a live event. When in either state, Presenters can adjust their video and audio settings and prepare themselves prior to going backstage and onstage. Don't worry - while backstage, the audience will not be able to hear or see you!

  • Learn how to engage with the audience - there are a few tools to engage with the audience through Chat+, such as answering questions from the Q&A section and creating a poll. Presenters will also have the ability to present a video or share an informative deck by using the share screen and video sharing features.

  • Learn how to speak with Hosts and other Presenters - as a Presenter and Host assigned to a Virtual Stage, you have access to the 'On Stage' private chat space. Presenters can speak with event organizers, moderators, and Presenters privately in this chat for any trouble shooting assistance or event cues (e.g. 5 minutes left!). Prior to the event going live, you can join the Backstage with other Presenters and Hosts to discuss any run of show logistics.

Whenever possible we recommend joining the Virtual Stage early to assure that you do not run into any browser, device, or networking issues prior to your live session!