Company Analytics Overview

Company Analytics gives you access to historical data across ALL your events.

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Access Company Analytics

Analytics Summary

Line graphs & Circle graphs

Events, Leads, & Hosts

Access Company Analytics

Click the Analytics tab in the left-hand side of your Admin Dashboard. This will give you access to historical data across ALL your events. You also have the ability to choose a preset or custom date range when viewing analytics. By default, your company analytics will show your all time data.


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Analytics Summary

The Analytics Summary gives you a high level overview of your events including total time spent on your website, unique attendees, and average session duration. You also get visibility on your registered/attended conversion rate of your webinars! 


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Time spent on your website: the total hours of users spent on your website while attending Sequel sessions (live + on-demand)

Unique attendees: the total amount of unique attendees that have been in any of your events

Avg session duration: the average time in minutes that each user spent on your website

Line graphs & Circle graphs

View the unique live and on-demand views across all of your company webinars from monthly, weekly, or daily view depending on your date range. Our line graphs also present data based on hours spent on your website for a more granular view. You can also uncheck live or on-demand to only focus on one subset of data. 

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The circle graphs provide our customers insight on unique attendees and total hours spent on your website.

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As of today, we do not provide the ability to export your company analytic data.

Events, Leads, & Hosts

Take a granular look at your events, leads, and hosts, all across your company's virtual event initiatives. Here you can see which event or webinar has performed the best in live and on-demand viewership and engagement.

Events: view your highest performing events based on number of attendees, minutes engaged, questions submitted, and polls responded to.

Leads: view your audience on an individual level to see who has engaged the most minutes across all of your webinars, submitted the most chats, questions, responses to polls, and circles joined in a Networking Hub.

Hosts: view your hosts across all of your webinars to see who has engaged in the most events and view the same engagement analytics that you can see across your leads. (3)

Want to view your analytics a bit deeper for a specific event? Check out this article to see how!