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How do I allow access to my microphone and camera?

When you first enter the Sequel.io component as a Presenter or a Host, you should see a pop-up on your screen to allow access to both your microphone and your camera.

It is very important to allow access to both your microphone and camera and not dismiss this pop-up as it can become complicated to fix.

The attendees at your event will need to also allow access to their microphone and camera as soon as they enter their first Network Hub. This is because they do not have the ability to enable their mic or camera in a live event, but will within the Circles of a Network Hub. Once all presenters, hosts, and attendees allow permission to their camera and microphone once, they won't have to do it again!


What do I do if I accidentally dismissed the pop-up requesting access to my camera and/or microphone?

If you dismissed the pop-up without making a selection, refresh your browser and it should reappear. When it does, be sure to select Allow for both camera and microphone!


What do I do if I selected block instead of allow for my microphone and camera? What if I didn't receive the pop-up requesting permission for either?

If you accidentally blocked permission to your microphone and/or camera or didn't receive the pop-up request- you can update this setting very easily within your browser:

HubSpot Video


  1. Select the SSL 'lock' icon on your address bar

  2. Select the drop down to the right of Camera and Microphone

  3. Change permissions to Allow

  4. For both the microphone and camera permissions - be sure that both say Allow

  5. Once you have completed this step, your browser may require you to refresh or quit browser for the changes to take place


Sequel only supports Chrome for all Hosts and Presenters


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