Going Live on a Virtual Stage

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Before Live
Going Live

Before Live

Before going live on a Virtual Stage, Attendees will see a countdown to the start date and time of the event, be able to interact with chat, polls and Q&A and be able to change their display image and name.

This gives you the chance to go over any last minute reminders or run of show details with your fellow Hosts and Presenters before you go live. You can move yourself or other Hosts/Presenters offstage before going live by clicking the Move button:


Go Live 1


When you're ready to go live, give your Presenters a quick verbal heads up, and click the Go Live button:


Go live 2

Going Live

The Host that hit the Go Live button will see a five-second countdown:


Go live 3


Once you are live, your Hosts and Presenters will see a few changes on your stage:

1) The previous Not Live badge is now red and says LIVE with the running time of your event

2) The Audience View will now expand into a consistent livestream of what the audience is seeing


Go live 4


That's it – you're live!