Presenter Guide: Engaging with Host/Audience

Learn how to use Chat+ to engage with your Hosts, Attendees, and your fellow Presenters.

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  • On Stage Chat: the onstage chat allows you to speak with fellow speakers and hosts - this is a space where you can share any technical issue or receive any speaker cues such as an update on time! This chat is NOT public to the event audience.

  • Event Chat: the event chat allows you to engage with the audience and is public to all in attendance of the event

  • Private Chat: the private chat allows you to engage one on one with and individual host, speaker, or attendee


The Chat you are on will be highlighted - be sure you are in the correct chat before sending your message! Sent something by accident? No worries - the Host(s) of the event can delete messages on your behalf.


  • All Hosts, Presenters, and Attendees can submit a question through the Q&A tab anytime before or during the event.

  • All users can upvote a question if they are also interested in the answer. Those questions with the most upvotes will move to the top of the list of questions.

  • Hosts of an event can enable Approve Q&A within an event to screen Q&A questions prior to publishing them live for the entire event to see.
  • Hosts of an event can enable Anonymous Q&A within an event to provide users the option to submit Q&A questions anonymously.
  • Once a question has been answered (via live or by text), the Host can mark it as Answered and move it to an Answered tab at the bottom of the Q&A section.

    Screenshot 2022-12-14 at 2.51.59 PM


  • The Host(s) of an event can publish or queue a Poll before or during the event for the audience to respond to.

  • Polls can have up to 10 options and results of the poll will show in real-time once a user has voted.

Screenshot 2022-12-14 at 3.12.45 PM

You can learn more about our Chat+ features here!

Once the event is live - you will not be able to audibly speak with the Host(s) or event organizer through the component. It is best to keep a cell phone nearby with important numbers in case you need to speak with someone quickly!