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Sequel Glossary

Let's get you up to speed with the terms that you will come to learn with our event modules and all that comes with it

Sequel Modules

Event A single Virtual Stage that is created within your dashboard and embedded onto a website to host a live session.
Networking Hub A collection of curated Circles that can be linked to a Virtual Stage or embedded as a stand-alone component to allow for a round-table networking experience amongst an audience.
Circle A single round-table within a Networking Hub experience that an audience can jump into in order to engage in conversation with others.

The maximum number of audience members that can be within a Circle at any given time.

Circle Owner

A user that is granted additional control and access to a specific Circle.

Access Passcodes A mode configured per event to create secret passcodes for Hosts, Presenters, and/or Attendees to join a Virtual Stage.
Event Registration A mode to allow for registration within an embedded Virtual Stage before and during a live event.
RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol) The ability to stream a hybrid or produced event using video and/or audio from studio cameras and/or an open-source software such as OBS.
Media Playlist

Media Playlist allows creators to organize and share videos while live on the Virtual Stage, natively to each user. 


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