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Download Chat + engagement analytics from your Sequel dashboard
Download Chat + engagement analytics from your Sequel dashboard

Learn how to access and download your Chat, Polls, and Q&A data from your live event.

Updated over a week ago

You can access your post-event analytics, including your Chat, Polls, and Q&A data, all from your dashboard.

To do so, follow the below steps:

  1. Log in to your Sequel dashboard

  2. Select the event from the Events tab that you would like to view the analytics of

  3. Select the Analytics tab within the Event details

  4. The Chat transcript, Poll results, and Q&A history all exist in their separate tables within the analytics section and can be exported as a CSV file. Select the Download CSV next to the data you want to download and you will receive a CSV file.

Note: it can take up to an hour for data to aggregate in your dashboard. If it is not there at the end of your event, wait until the top of the hour and check again!

Want to learn more about event analytics? Check out this article here. In addition, you can also leverage one of our CRM integrations, such as Hubspot, to push this data straight into a contact!

If you clear the chat of an event through you Sequel dashboard - this is a hard delete i.e. by clearing the chat messages, they will not appear in your chat transcript.


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