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How can I assign hosts and presenters to my Virtual Stage?

There are a few different ways that you can add Hosts and Presenters to your Virtual Stage - though to start, you will need to know whether to use Access Passcodes, Event Registrations, or a direct integration.

Access Passcodes

When Access Passcodes are enabled, Sequel will provide the Host, Presenter (optional) and Attendee (optional) a unique 6-digit code to be distributed accordingly by the Event Organizer. By default, Sequel will generate a random 6-digit sequence for each code, though they can also be customized to any 6-digit number sequence of your choice! Learn more here about Access Passcodes and how to use and customize them within your Sequel dashboard.


Manually by Email

If you are using Wordpress User Accounts or Sequel Registration to host your event, you should manually enter your Hosts and Presenters via email under Email Access within the Access tab of a stage. Once you add your Hosts and Presenters, it is important to note that they must access/register for the event with that same e-mail in order to receive the correct permissions. Keep in mind, Sequel does not send confirmation e-mails to individuals once they are added as a Host or Presenter - we leave the communication to you!


Promoting an Attendee to a Presenter

If you would like to add a last minute Presenter or if a Presenter is having trouble accessing the event with the right permissions - no worries! The Host has the ability to select an Attendee from the Attendee list and promote them to a presenter. You can then move the Presenter back to the audience at any time. To learn more about how to promote and demote an Attendee - check out this article!