Beginners Guide

Start using to host your first webinar in under 15 minutes.

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Create your webinar


Preview your webinar

Share your webinar

Go live

1. Creating Your Webinar


Creating a webinar in is fast, easy and powerful. Follow these steps:

  1. Open your Sequel Admin Dashboard
  2. Select Events in the side bar
  3. Select New Event
  4. Add your Event Name, the Start & End Time and a banner image for you event
  5. Double check the info and select Complete and Save.

Events can always be edited later by selecting them in the Events tab, but for now, let's focus on getting your first webinar LIVE!

2. Customize (Optional)



Customers on Growth and above have access to the Customization suite. Select Customization in the side bar. Here you can customize the fonts, colors, buttons and more. For your first event, we recommend adding your brand colors and font. 


Looking for even more options? The Customization suite allows you to choose Countdown Color, Circle Graphics, Presenter Glow, Stage Background, Stage Watermark, Warning Notices, Core Features and more. 

3. Preview Your Webinar


Copy of How do I share my screen on a Virtual Stage or Networking Hub (1080 × 1080 px) (Video)


Now that you've created your webinar and customized it's time to see what it looks like! Launch your event preview by clicking the preview button in the event details or selecting the preview icon on the Event tab. From here you can set up your audio, video settings, test registration, enter the backstage, chat and even Go Live! If you want to preview the banner image, select the Profile icon and log out from the stage as the Host!


Want to host your first event on your own website? Follow these instructions for embedding!

4. Share Your Webinar

Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 1.10.25 PM

Your webinar is created, customized and previewed. Now you just need people to experience it with you! Share your webinar right from the preview by clicking the share button and adding emails. For this first webinar we recommend sharing with colleagues and friends. 

5. Go Live

The moment you've been working towards, going live! Enter your webinar just as you did when you were previewing it earlier. Select Enter Backstage to gain access to the stage once you have completed your media device set-up. When you're ready to start you webinar select "Go Live" in the upper righthand corner. When the countdown is completed you'll be live to your viewers. Once you've finished your webinar select End Session and publish your On Demand Replay!

6. Prepare for the "Sequel"

Now that you've run your first webinar on you're ready to build your own webinar series. Start asking yourself questions like how should I organize my event? If you haven't already, look at embedding your next webinar on your own website. 


Please do not hesitate to reach out to us via Chat or at with any additional questions you may have throughout this process.

Having issues while going live on an Sequel Virtual Stage? Check out our Technical Issues Collection to assist you further.