Presenter Guide: Joining the Greenroom

Understanding how to use the Greenroom is important for hosts managing multiple participants during a live event.

Prior to joining the event, it is important to complete the Sequel Prep Checklist to assure you have all the hardware and technical requirements. Once you have obtained the link(s) of the event - you can join the Greenroom/Backstage as a Presenter before or during the live event.

There are a few different ways to join the Greenroom, and each are listed below:

  1. The first step to join the Greenroom is to understand how your Event Organizer will be providing you Presenter access. There are three different ways to join the backstage and each are listed below:

    1. Event Registration: in this case, the event organizer has listed your email as a Presenter within the backend of the event. Be sure to register for the event with the same email they have listed to access your Presenter role! Once registered, the Virtual Stage will automatically detect you as a Presenter.

    2. Access Passcodes: Fill out your display name, email address, and optional photo field and select the ‘I HAVE A PASSCODE’ button - here you will enter the 6-digit Presenter passcode shared to you by your event organizer. Once done, select Join Session.

      Enter 6 digit passcode


    3. Promoted from the Audience: Your Event Organizer may instruct you to join the event as an audience member, and from there you will be promoted to a Presenter. When promoted, you will see a pop-up on your screen inviting you to the stage, which you will then select Yes. Keep in mind, when promoted to stage during a live event, you will automatically join backstage. Learn more about this flow here.

    4. Using SSO or Wordpress User Accounts (least common): Log in to your account using SSO or WordPress User account - the Virtual Stage will recognize you as a Presenter and prompt you to Join Greenroom (if the stage is not live). Just note - you will need to log into your account with the same email that your Event Organizer used to list you as a Presenter!


  2. At this time, you will need to allow access to your microphone and camera - when first entering a Virtual Stage, you will receive a pop-up window requesting access to your microphone and camera. Be sure to select Allow for both! If you accidentally select Block or have issues allowing access - please refer to this Help Center article.