Presenter Guide: Sequel Prep Checklist

Refer to this checklist for all Presenters to assure their set up is optimized for the best live event experience!

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Internet/Operating Sytem
Technical Checks

Best Practices


  • Laptop or Desktop Computer (recommended)
  • Built-in or external camera and microphone (recommended)
  • Device fully charged and plugged into power source
  • Dual monitor set-up (if screen-sharing)

Internet/Operating System

  • Up to date Chrome or Chromium based browser such as Microsoft Edge, and Brave (required) — Safari is not supported
  • Up to date Mac (preferred)/Windows OS
  • Wifi Speeds with 10 mbps upload/download speeds or ethernet cable (can be tested at
  • Close all other browsers and tabs not necessary for live event
  • Close out of all applications such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.

Technical Checks

(to be done within Virtual Stage embedded onto your website)

  • Able to screen-share (if not, refer here)
  • Allow access to camera and microphone
  • Disable any network, firewall, and/or VPN restrictions (may be applicable if joining from school or hospital network or device)

Dry Runs done on your website, with the machines and internet connections you're planning to use on the day of the event is the best way to discover and prevent issues for your event!

Virtual Best Practices

  • Silence phone/smart-watch
  • Disable desktop notifications (if screen-sharing)
  • Phone number of event organizer
  • Good lighting and clean minimal background
  • Familiarize yourself with the tools - have fun and engage with the audience via Chat, Q&A, and Polls!

Now you are all set to have the best virtual live experience for you and the audience! For more information about being a presenter check out this article.