What type of event registration should I use?

Learn the different options to drive registration for your virtual and hybrid events.

Creating and gathering registrations takes just a few minutes to set up and is key in driving attendees for your event. When considering attendee registration, it is important to know the answers to a few key questions such as, will your event be free to attend or will you sell tickets? Do you plan to host a fully-virtual or hybrid event? From here - you can then understand your registration options and what makes sense for you!

Sequel Event Registration

Sequel offers Event Registration for all customers that intend to host a free virtual or hybrid event! Once Event Registration is enabled, you can start collecting registrants directly from your Virtual Stage. Your attendees will receive an email confirmation and calendar invite with information of your event and a unique link to join! We only gather user name and e-mail to provide as much simplicity around the user experience as possible. Once registered, your attendees can engage with Chat, Q&A, and Polls right away! If you are interested in learning more about Event Registration powered by Sequel, check out this article.

Create your own registration

If you are embedding onto your own website - you may choose the option to create your own registration component. This options give you more creative freedom to configure custom registration fields and create and manage email notifications yourself. Most common website builders allow you to create your own registration fields and gather attendee information straight on your own web builder platform. Once your attendee list is built - you can explore the option of using an email management system within your web builder or export your attendee list to your CRM.

For example, you can add a RSVP template form within a section of your Squarespace site that allows you to edit and add fields such as name, email, and any custom text, checkbox or drop-down menu options! In addition, you can also add Digit Products via the Commerce tab with required field for purchase. Once you have completed registration, you can use Squarespace's Marketing tab to send email reminders and event information!

If you are interested in creating your own registration, reach out to your website builder or support@sequel.io for further guidance.

Use a ticket management platform

A ticket management system such as Eventbrite allows you to create your own registration fields, offer paid or free/by donation tickets, email notifications, and more. Most ticketing management platforms, such as Eventbrite, allow you to embed a registration module straight onto your website to drive your registration. There are a number of ticketing platforms to explore that can assist with the management of your event.

Use an event management platform

An event management platform, such as Splash, is a great option for those that are looking for a solution for the entirety of event management - ticketing and registration, email notifications and management, event hosting landing page, event schedule management, and more. Sequel powers Splash's live event technology today to provide customers with an all-in-one solution!

Not sure what the right solution is for you? Reach out to Sequel at support@sequel.io or by Chat and we can help you further!