Types of event registration

Learn the different options to drive registration for your virtual and hybrid events.

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Sequel.io registration

Third party registration

No registration


Creating and gathering registrations takes just a few minutes to set up and is key in driving attendees for your event. When choosing attendee registration, it is important to decide how you want to communicate with your attendees and how often. Sequel.io offers Sequel.io Registration, Third Party Registration and No Registration as the 3 main options for registering attendees. 

Sequel.io Registration

With Sequel.io's Email Registration you can register attendees on your website in the same place they'll be watching your event. Attendees with have the option to add the event to their calendar and you can customize frequency and email headings to maximize attendance. If you are interested in learning more about Email Registration powered by Sequel.io, check out this article.

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Third party Registration

For customers who want full customization for the registration process we recommend using a CRM or registration tool, HubSpot or Marketo for example, to register users. You can use Sequel.io's webhooks to register these attendees automatically in Sequel.io with a service like Zapier. This means you handle the communication, Sequel.io handles the authentication.

In order to leverage your own CRM or other integration, you will need to make sure that Third party registration is enabled in your event Registration settings.

No registration

The last option for registering users to your event removes the registration requirement all together. Users will still be required to input a name and email to enter an event but will NOT receive any confirmation emails. 


Not sure what the right solution is for you? Reach out to Sequel at support@sequel.io or by Chat and we can help you further!